Wholesale & Distributors

As we’re seeking to further expand our presence both off line and on-line, Wholesale accounts are offered by Shells Treasures.

We’re looking for online and offline retailers, Multi-Level-Marketing firms (MLM’s) and additionally small groups of individuals who comprehend our seashells product.

Our seashells product is attentively selected in the sea and with environmental influence at heart, we make sure that seashells accumulated conforms to the regulations decided by the Agency of aquatic sources.

Shells Treasures produces trade quality merchandise through innovative science and engineering. All our seashell merchandise is hand made so expect each goods to be a work of art.

For all questions, tips and information, contact us about on how you distribute the seashell products and we will return to you.


Christopher C. Ubas

Vice President Marketing


Lower Tabok Mandaue City 6014, Cebu Philippines

Telephone Number :        +63324206526

Fax Number              :     +63323445800

Mobile Number       :     +639176223008

email address            :   chris_boods@hotmail.com

Skype        :          christopherubas88


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